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Financing Simplified

Acquiring funding can be a critical step in the growth of a small business.

Small businesses drive our economy, with diverse entrepreneurs essential for economic and community strength. Our customers represent a cross-section of industries, from coast to coast. With our help, companies looking for working capital, purchasing equipment, fulfilling purchase orders, or investing in new technologies are thriving.

Understanding your unique goals allows us to develop solutions that work best for your business. With a simplified process without all the mounds of paperwork and data banks often require. Many small businesses experience rejection of their financing requests simply because they’re talking to the wrong partner. Whatever business you’re in, Accord financing solutions can work for you.

Access to financing is critical to growth and sustainability.

With the right financing, you can cover a wide range of costs, including purchasing inventory or equipment, working capital, expansion costs, and debt consolidation. With a strong relationship with a financing partner, you’ll be ready to meet your business’s future challenges and opportunities. Do any of these scenarios fit your business?

  • Is extra inventory for a peak period or seasonal cycle a recurring issue?
  • Do you need to bridge the gap between paying suppliers and collecting from customers?
  • Do you have an opportunity to take on an unusually large project or order?
  • Would your business benefit from new fixtures or small equipment?
  • Do you need to pay for equipment repairs?
  • Are you facing an unplanned, one-time expense or unexpected slowdown?
  • Would additional financing improve your overall working capital position?

Your business needs two things to grow – cash for working capital to support growing operations and equipment to help you get the job done. We can solve both challenges and stay alongside you as you thrive.

  • One of the best solutions for working capital is revolving lines of credit. This valuable tool allows you to navigate the market, seize opportunities, and maintain stability. They offer the ability to access funds when needed – whether for cash flow gaps, seizing opportunities, or unexpected expenses. They allow you to invest in growth initiatives, expand product lines, hire talented staff, and drive sustained growth. Plus, they’ll help build creditworthiness improving future financial options.

    A revolving line of credit can also act as a safety net during unforeseen circumstances, ensuring business continuity. Equipment finance also offers many benefits to small businesses, from tax depreciation to protection against higher inflation. With a lower initial expense, equipment financing can positively impact cash flow, letting you get the equipment you need when you need it, so you don’t miss out on any opportunities. And with equipment shortages and supply chain issues, equipment financing can be an excellent investment in your company’s future.

Your business is more complex than numbers on a spreadsheet. We’ll work hard to push any obstacles out of the way to get you the financing you deserve.

Everyone’s goals are unique, whether you need a quick cash infusion, cover sales to open a new market, or buy new equipment to fulfill a customer contract. Our job is to help you meet your moment with financing designed to support your path.

Developing a relationship with a financing partner is important to a small business’s success. It allows companies to take risks and grow knowing they have a strong supportive partner. Many small business lenders disappear once you get to a certain size. But we’re here for the long haul.

  • Fast, flexible financing
  • Experience, knowledge
  • Commitment to small business
  • Great customer service
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Frequently Asked Questions

Many small businesses have gained significant benefits from working with non-bank financial institutions. Independent organizations often provide a more personalized service, strive to understand your business on a deeper level, and typically offer greater flexibility in their lending terms.

Unlike term debt, it offers a flexible credit limit that allows you to borrow only when needed, mitigating the risk of paying interest on unused funds. By making interest-only payments, your cash flow can stay more manageable, providing the financial freedom to capitalize on opportunities and navigate challenges.

The flexibility inherent in a loan agreement can be a lifesaver for a small business. Factors such as the ability to adjust repayment schedules, the option for additional borrowing, or support during challenging periods can contribute to your success. Business doesn’t always go as planned, so having a financial partner who can work with you through the ups and downs is crucial.

While interest rates are important—as they directly impact your repayment amount—they should not be the sole deciding factor. A loan with slightly higher interest rates but offering more flexibility and understanding can sometimes prove more beneficial in the long run.

Building a solid relationship with a lender who values your business can lead to long-term benefits. Independent finance companies value these relationships and may be more willing to work with you during challenging times or help you seize sudden growth opportunities.