Toronto Office

The Toronto office is Accord Financial Corp. head office. The Toronto office specializes in A/R management and asset-based loans for businesses across Canada. Toronto is the heart of our operations and it is where Accord came to life over 40 years ago.

The Accord Toronto office service medium size businesses

Accord Financial was established in 1978 in response to a growing need for flexible financing solutions for North American small and medium-sized businesses. It grew into what it is now by acquiring alike entrepreneurs’ companies that were working on flexible financing solutions for businesses owners in many situations or that had needs that were not met by the banks.

Now, Accord Financial Corp, which is located in Toronto has 6 offices across Canada and the US and is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Together, the Accord team established a financial services platform that can lend up and down a company’s balance sheet creating a one-stop source of senior secured financing to small and medium sized businesses.